Skywalker Under the Outlaw Sun

Art by Steve Pedersen

Full jacket
56 pages

J.K.Ihalainen has written more than 10 books in English. Skywalker is about travelling in strange places - in the spirit of Hakim Bey, William Burroughs, Bruce Chatwin, & co. The illustrator & mixminder of this book is Steve Pedersen, Danish artist living in Finland. These two lunatics might be the last survivors in the Northern Caves of Oblivion.

"The only genuine voyage of discovery
does not mean travelling to the new places
but looking through other eyes."

Marcel Proust


Reviews of Journeys to the most Western Places

”Where you never wanted to go, but where you again and again find yourself.”

– Bavarian Daily

“Inferno for the serious cartographers.”

– UN ReView


20th Anniversary 2022

2nd print - soft cover - 56 pages

ISBN 978-952-7256-42-8

13,00 € (post paid in Finland)