Poems from
Skeleton Sky

Drawings by Marita Liulia
Poems by J. K. Ihalainen

Special Issue for Malta National Museum of Fine Arts

Hypnopolitics Institute
Finland 1990


Walking invicible distances.
Walking winds.
Making stoneplaces.
Making fireplaces.
Making silences.


King worships the queen
With no land of her own.
King needs rats for the army.
Fleshblinders & flashflappers.
Large beds in woods.


Colosseum. Dreampath. My dreamwork
for unknowns everysides. You gee happy
to meet der tourist, him all time
smiler, trailor und sailor, him occupy
your silenced studio underminded with
copulating elevators, escaping land escapades,
les landlords whom no body seen but whom all
body love. Ghostcars driving arounds with no
one in (wanna be your baby tractor, lalablaa),
reading strange comics w/ 52 pages black.
Film all too fast, orchestra still sleeping,
Instruments too sandy.


Lowhighs you better come late
Waste all your money before them see you
Wetty wailing busters waiting for tips
A rain to rain
Thirsty & noisy quicksilver company
Full of intellectual psykodramatizing bullshit
Stay still stay calm them have recorders
& them kill only outsiders
Photoghosts detectiveminding at that sandy rain
Steps crucifixed at dark soil


Bones among the bones
Clacking bones, the skin
In betweens, fingers

Steps among the steps
Sound of steps

No one will believe this
I have others
Like in a dream
They are lotuseaters


Dial Dear Me Mr
Make It Anews
Reattack Ghosts Raound
Vomit No Flags

Gods are equal
Men are not equal
No things is free
Insides of an eye
Get black: the sun
Reattacking rebel angels


Patriotparrots flagging bonezones
Surviving sailors of paradise ports
Sad men vomiting distant dreams
Salty skin shining with dark moon
Sparks of stars through the clouds


Royal art shit house
Legendary art shit house
Mask meshish mushroom shit house
Bourbon art bulloughs shit house
Thirteen days at wilderness shit house
Soul shit house

Back to the shit house
Realcity shit house
Dearity hit horse
Long since gone



Thou What Do Wilts. Und Happen What Wait Shalls.
Nights Gone. By. What Flower Represents The Nights Gone By?
Black Rose