J. K. Ihalainen (word)
Philip Luddite (art)


This booklet is printed on
Heidelberg GTO on the black paper  & only
150 signed copies is on the market.
Beware the fakes!

16 pages w/ the full colour dust jacket

ISBN 978-952-7256-27-5
Palladium Kirjat 2020
20 €



“Let’s say that there wasn’t human beings
before these two guys.
The other one doesn’t want to be
found, the other has got lost.
What can happen with this combination?”
- Sebastian Boulter -


“I met them over a decade ago during some
creative adventures in the beautiful lakes
and swamps of Finland. Both of these creative old souls
are possessed with a self assurance and positive, wild Energy,
whose bond is only further cemented from their mutual love and
knowledge of the BEAT Generation; both being
the corporeal evolutionary thread of the next generation
of crea­tors who are inspired to celebrate and carry on
that glorious burning torch. As much as the dreaded perhaps
over-used word  Bohemian might come to mind....
these truly remarkable characters perhaps we might
describe as BROHEMIANS.... Have a laugh and check out
the goods, the proof is still in the pudding.”
- Steve Vanoni -